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Welcome to kasera Paradise
Guest is god.
The Kasera paradise family has a long experience in tourism industry. The Roof-Top Restaurant is rich of a long experiences. In home cooking provides a large variety of delicious food many foreigner tourists have become sick in India due to drinking. Local water and eating spicy stale foods. Specially traveling in big touristy & polluted busy cities.

We care about these potential problems and take special precautions & keeping hygienic clean. Our place is almost as difficult to reach the moon because of the high commission system operating in this town. We do not provide any kind of commission to taxi driver middle men & traveling company, in order to offer you high prices.

As you disembarked from travel company, driver , middle men you were probably surrounded and followed by many commission agents showing you the places where they get highest commission. So please all this commission is directly born by you the tourist, every thing they recommended will cost you more. Remember to beware of people’s motives!